Equipment for Sale – Delivery available upon quoted request.

Detroit Diesel, V12, 250kw 480V BBL, hospital backup, $24,000 with Murphy’s and safeties installed, genset, comes with trailer.



Detroit Diesel 3 Detroit Diesel 4









6 of 20’-25’ concrete bridges, $750 each

2 of 40’ concrete bridges, $1,200 each

1 of 30’ concrete bridge, $900

Concrete Bridges 2 Concrete Bridges










2 of 40kw Introl gensets 277/480V, white Hercules motors, one has 300+ hours, one has 1000+ hours, both hospital backups, $14,000 with murphy’s and safeties installed.


Introl Genset NEW 2 Introl Genset NEW









JD 4045h with trailer, PTO, 25kw generator with Murphys, 2013 Pivot Power unit, $23,500


JD Pivot Power 3 JD Pivot Power 2 JD Pivot Power